We would like to think that we’re calm and polite road users most of the time. However, there will always be a time when we need to sound our horns – we’re not advocating for road rage, car horns can be used for a variety of reasons from warning other road users of potential danger, to just plainly saying hi to your friend.

At times like these, a loud and working can definitely help to get the message across. With Hella’s wide range of car horns, you can even add some personality to your car too.

Hella’s car horns are divided into multiple ranges, starting from the Value Range for hassle-free and no-frills replacement horn, all the way up to the Best in Class Range which combines power, durability, and even style (under the hood).

The horns are available in either single- or twin-tone for different sound characteristics. Wondering how they sound like? Watch the video for a demonstration using Lionel and Hanli’s voices…

If you need a more accurate representation though, be sure to check out the Hella Horns website or mobile application to hear how the horns sound.