Video: Unboxing (and assembling) the LEGO TECHNIC Ferrari 488 GTE!

He may be one of the most patient souls in the office but we still can’t believe GC Mah actually sat through, not just the entire 488 GTE LEGO TECHNIC build in one go, but also the video production of it!

That’s because the entire Ferrari 488 GTE “AF Corse #51” replica was made up of an eye-popping 1,677 pieces! Shockingly, his initial plan was to jumble up all the pieces and build it completely unguided, for fun apparently. We have since been questioning his sanity.

As the build progresses, the logic behind the mountainous LEGO pieces becomes clear as the intricate details emerge.

Features include functioning front and rear suspension, doors that open, a V8 engine with pistons that move along with the car, and a functional steering wheel. Even the stickers and decals replicate the exact race car!

After nearly 12 hours of not doing any work at all that day, and over 300 pages of diagrams and puzzles later, here it is – the LEGO TECHNIC Ferrari 488 GTE!

There’s more to know about the LEGO TECHNIC Ferrari 488 GTE here! And if the extended MCO has freed up even more stay-at-home time, the LEGO TECHNICS Ferrari 488 GTE is priced at RM799.90 and can be bought through Lazada, Shopee and at all LEGO certified stores!



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