Video: The new Mercedes-AMG A35 is a “baby AMG” you can live with everyday

If your missus (or perhaps even husband) starts complaining about a lack of space and that you need a more comfortable AMG to carry the family, you now have a solution.

Looking what the RM348,888 A35 AMG offers, it’s clear this is an AMG you can properly use to go about all the dreadful (responsible) things you need to do during the day – like dropping the kids off at school and carrying a tonne of groceries from Tesco.

But when night falls, there’s still plenty of AMG essence to be had with 306 hp and 400 Nm to play with and that’s good for a “Golf R-smoking” 0 to 100 km/h time of 4.8 seconds.

Looking at the AMG A35, you’d think there isn’t much to distinguish it from the A250 sedan we reviewed recently, especially in terms of exterior design. In fact put two of them side by side and you’d be hard pressed to tell one from the other but the devil is in the details – like how they actually sport different grilles, and that their rear diffusers look slightly different.

So it’s got a big boot, plenty of leg room, a roof that isn’t sloping like the CLA 45 offering more head room and with enough power and grunt for it to don the AMG but is it worth your attention? Here’s my thoughts for your consideration.



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