If last week’s story wasn’t enough to convince you that Lewis Hamilton, six times Formula 1 World Champion, can really ride a MotoGP bike, there’s now on-board footage to prove.

Sure, he’s probably not going as fast as the MotoGP riders, and he’s probably not leaning as hard through the corners, too. But watching the video, you’ll have to admit that Hamilton does feel pretty at home on the 2019-spec Yamaha YZR-M1.

Of course, if you’re a Lewis Hamilton fan, you probably already know that the F1 prodigy has a pretty big interest in bikes too – he even has his own special-edition bikes courtesy of MV Agusta, four at that to be exact.

Not to be outdone by Hamilton, MotoGP legend Valentino Rossi jumped into the 2017 Mercedes-AMG W08 for a few laps around Valencia Circuit too. From the on-board videos, it seems like Rossi wasn’t holding back either.

Although this was Rossi’s first attempt in a Formula 1 car of the hybrid era, his previous attempts with Ferrari in the mid-2000s probably gave him some valuable insights on how Formula 1 cars handle around the bends.

And there’s no denying that Rossi is a pretty good racecar driver too. It was reported that he lapped just 0.7 seconds behind Michael Schumacher in his heydays, during a test with Ferrari.

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