Automotive insurance is to many people a hassle more than anything else. Every year, you’ll have to fork out a certain amount of money that many people don’t even know how the figure is derived.

Worst of all, there are certain insurance providers who turn a blind eye during accidents and refuse to send a tow truck, instead leaving you to deal with the call man yourself.

Volkswagen owners can rest easier, as the Volkswagen Insurance Plan (VIP) promises to reduce the headaches from your car ownership. The new insurance plan includes benefits such as prioritised claim approval, and roadside assistance with 24-hour emergency towing.

All repairs will only be conducted at Volkswagen-approved body and paint repair centres, using only genuine Volkswagen parts.

All Volkswagen vehicles are accepted for the Volkswagen Insurance Plan, with no betterment costs and excess fees for vehicles up to 10 years.

Backed by Allianz General Insurance Berhad and Etiqa General Takaful Berhad, VIP is available to purchase at all Volkswagen dealerships during new car purchase or road tax renewal. Further information can be found on Volkswagen’s website here.