Porsche and Star Wars built a “sports car spaceship”

You might be thinking, “Spoiler alert!” but really, it’s more about giving context and knowing this story would give even more meaning to the latest installment of the most iconic movie franchise you’re about to watch.

In the making of the new Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker film, a team of seven designers from Porsche and Star Wars came together for a very special task over the course of six weeks.

The goal was to design and build a new starship – a republic light assault star ship. Not being a Star Wars fanatic, this one’s an unfamiliar topic to me but the idea was interesting to keep me from cutting the video short.

The new star ship should feature a maximum of four engines, or a minimum of two, with room four two pilots and a crew of five.

The result? The Tri-Wing S-91X Pegasus Starfighter with the distinguishable headlamps of a Porsche Taycan which will be immortalised in the Star Wars universe.



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