AC Schnitzer Toyota Supra and BMW Z4: Who wore it best?

It’s common knowledge that AC Schnitzer, for as long as its existence, has served BMW as an aftermarket supplier for both visual and mechanical enhancements.

It’s also no secret that the BMW Z4 and Toyota Supra are thriving on the same components. So when it was announced that AC Schnitzer had produced accessories, both aesthetic and mechanical, not just for the BMW Z4 but also for the very first time, a Toyota, we’ve all stood up and took notice.

It’s safe to say that the Supra’s rear end, possibly the most charming section of the car, should be left as it is – a GT wing doesn’t quite cut it.

The two-piece rear spoiler on the Z4 however has had a more positive effect – adding even more menace to an already seductive rear end.

Both get the same wheel design and are dressed with front splitters, side skirts, height adjustable suspension, and mufflers with either sport black or sport carbon tail pipes.

Inside, the aluminium paddle shifters are perhaps the most audacious accessory for the Z4 and Supra – looking as if they were plucked out of a race car and passed off as an OEM item.



Toyota Supra


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