If we told you even just two years ago that Toyota is making a performance SUV with over 300 hp, you would have probably scoffed at that ridiculous statement, and brushed it off as a joke. 

But here we are, in 2019, where Toyota is actually making a performance SUV with 302 hp. Introducing the Toyota RAV4 Prime plug-in hybrid. Colour us surprised!

The RAV4 Prime is powered by a tuned version of the 2.5-litre four-cylinder engine producing 176 hp and 228 Nm of torque. Combined with the newer and more powerful electric motors, the total system output adds up to 302 hp, and is sent to all four wheels. 

Toyota says that the RAV4 Prime can complete the century sprint in just 5.8 seconds, which puts it right behind the A90 Toyota Supra in their line up

What’s equally impressive though, is the estimated 90 MPGe fuel consumption figure, which is equivalent to approximately 2.6 l/100km on an internal combustion engine car. 

Being a PHEV, the RAV4 Prime had to tack on an additional lithium-ion battery to power the electric motors. However, interior space was not sacrificed as the battery is mounted below the floor. As a result, the RAV4 Prime also has a lower centre of gravity, which translates to better handling characteristics. 

In the United States, the RAV4 Prime will be available in two trim levels – SE and XSE. The SE is the standard sporty trim, but the XSE is where the goodies are at. On the exterior, the XSE gets a two-tone paint scheme with a black roof, and rides on a two-tone designed 19-inch alloy wheels – the largest ever offered on the RAV4. 

Inside, the RAV4 Prime in XSE trim gets a moonroof, synthetic leather seats, wireless charging pads, ambient lighting, and a 9-inch touchscreen infotainment display with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. 

Exclusive to the XSE trim is also the RAV4’s first pedal shifters, allowing the driver to “downshift” by increasing the regenerative braking in steps, mimicking the sensation of downshifting a regular automatic gearbox car. 

As with all other Toyota RAV4 models, the RAV4 Prime PHEV will also come equipped with the Toyota Safety Sense 2.0 active driver assistance suite.