Alongside the new Triton Quest with 110 hp and 200 Nm, Mitsubishi Motor Malaysia also brought out improved versions of the Triton VGT AT Premium and Adventure X.

For an extra RM2,700 at RM137,900, the Adventure X we reviewed recently gets a new all-round monitor with bird’s eye view, some decals on the side, a dashcam and solar/security tinting.

The VGT AT Premium on the other hand, gets leather seats, a much clearer reverse camera display, dashcam, new touchscreen display with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto all for an extra RM2,400 – now priced at RM121,000.

Those eager to lay their hands on the improved Triton, launched in Malaysia early this year with a first-in-class 4WD feature and a new 6-speed gearbox with a more refined interior, are in luck.

Mitsubishi Motor Malaysia is offering up to RM10,000 cash rebates on all Mitsubishi models, or a 0.88% interest rate on selected Triton variants till 31st December 2019.


Triton VGT Adventure X

Triton VGT Premium AT

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