The GTi nameplate may not survive beyond the current Peugeot models

Attention everyone, we would like to solemnly report that Peugeot might be killing off the GTi nameplate after the current 208 and 308 models move on to the next generation.

According to AutoExpress, Peugeot is not expecting to revive the legendary GTi nameplate for the forthcoming Peugeot 208 hot hatchback either. Peugeot is set to release the performance edition of the 208 hatchback in full electric guise as an upgrade to the e-208 announced during the launch of the new supermini. 

The French firm is now considering to ditch the GTi badge in favour of a “Peugeot Sport Engineered” moniker, first seen on the 508 Peugeot Sport Engineered Concept

Despite the heritage associated with the GTi name, Auto Express reported that Peugeot executives are trending towards the new naming scheme due to the new all-electric powertrain. The Peugeot Sport Engineered name will spearhead the firm’s future direction for performance models, and will be the naming choice for the rebranded performance arm of Peugeot. 

The 508 Sport Engineered concept looks mean, but the name just doesn’t have the same ring to it.

However, representatives from Peugeot UK are still fighting the change, citing the importance of heritage behind a brand name. The executives used the recently announced Porsche Taycan Turbo as an example, which uses the Turbo naming scheme popularised by their 911 line even though the car is fully electric. 

Groupe PSA’s last used the GTi naming scheme on the 2017 308 GTi, but its usage stretches back all the way to arguably the first hot hatch ever produced, the 205 GTi. Malaysians have long had the privilege of enjoying the GTi models, with both the latest 308 GTi and 208 GTi available for purchase locally. We are definitely going to miss the GTi badge if it does go.


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