“R version” of the new Volkswagen ID.3 will be faster than Golf GTI

The R version is expeceted to arrive in just under five years, following the introduction of the ID.3 electric vehicle just a couple weeks back at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

In a report by Autocar UK, the “hot version” of the ID.3 will be faster than a Golf GTI with all-wheel drive capabilities, according to Volkswagen. Just how quick remains to be seen but the outgoing Mk 7.5 Golf GTI we reviewed does 0 to 100 km/h in 6.4 seconds – that should offer some perspectives.

On the development of the project, Volkswagen said the R version of the ID.3 would strike a balance between performance and electric driving range as presently, EV range in high performance electric cars are still compromised. For now, Volkswagen isn’t even sure if it would be called the R.

The ID.3 is available in three different battery sizes – 45 kWh, 58 kWh and 77 kWh – offering 330 km, 420 km and 550 km of electric driving range respectively. All models are powered by a permanent-magnet synchronous motor with 201 hp and 310 Nm sent to the rear wheels and can achieve a top speed of 160 km/h.


Volkswagen has been making headlines recent with their exploits in electric driving with the ID.R race car breaking records at the Pikes Peak and the Nurburging.


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