Changan Mazda, the joint venture between Mazda and Changan Automobile, posted a teaser on their weibo account for a rotary announcement “in six days”. 

First spotted by Jalopnik, the image posted by Changan Mazda highlights the Mazda Cosmo Sport, Mazda’s first rotary-engined production vehicle. Could we see a return of the Wankel engine-powered coupe? Perhaps an RX-9 based on the RX-Vision revealed at the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show? A man can certainly dream.

Loosely translated, the wordings on the image says “the magic of dreams turns circles, love you to the night and day”. Additionally, the image also says that “rotary engines makes the world more stunning.”

While we don’t know what exactly Mazda was trying to illustrate with the first half, the latter part is definitely something we can agree on!

More likely than not though, Mazda will be using the rotary engine as a range extender for their hybrid and EV vehicles, which was originally slated to arrive this year. 

The RX-8, Mazda’s last rotary engine-powered production car.

What we definitely know is that this mysterious new car will be a part of the “7th Generation Product Cluster”, as written at the bottom of the teaser image.

As the teaser was originally posted on the 20th of September, the announcement should be on the 26th, which is just one day away!