Mazda could still build a flagship sports car with a rotary engine

Revealed at the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show, Mazda’s RX-Vision concept has been the talk of the rotary community (if that still exists) yet Mazda has kept mum on any potential developments about it, until now.

According to an Autocar UK report, Mazda claims that a production model of the concept is not a doomed prospect and is still under consideration.

At the moment, Mazda seems to be contented with merely offering the MX-5 as its sole option for a sports car and when the market demands a more premium sports car from the brand, Mazda will look into production of a “more premium model”.

Sources from within Mazda also claims that the move is highly dependent on how well the company is doing. Should the situation improve in the future, the realisation of such a product will be more likely.

Mazda recently confirmed that the rotary engine will be making a comeback, but not in the way we know it. It will instead serve as range extender for a pure electric vehicle that is set to debut as early as next year.



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