This is how the new facelift BMW 5 series could look like

If the new BMW 7 series is anything to go by, there should be little mystery as to how the new 5-er would look like when it arrives.

The new facelift BMW 5 series could very likely incorporate the features seen on the facelift BMW 7 series, especially those unnecessarily enormous front grille, and if that’s a little hard to imagine, here’s a couple of renderings from the guys at

While a completely new design is ages away, these renderings sure make you wonder if BMW’s designs have seen their best years and that the current G30 5 series is the best looking BMW 5 series ever.

Locally, the G30 BMW 5 series is available in two variants – the 520i Luxury Line and 530e M Sport – priced at RM328k and RM338k respectively.

Recently, BMW Malaysia also announced the arrival of the locally-assembled 330i M Sport, priced at RM288,800 without any changes to the vehicle’s specifications although the vibrant Portimao Blue and Sunset Orange paint jobs will only be available from January and March 2020 respectively.



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