Porsche Taycan accelerates from 0 to 145 km/h to 0 in just 10.7 seconds!

With Bugatti being the first manufacturer to break the 300mph (482km/h) mark in the 1,500 hp Chiron, Porsche too flexed its electric muscles with a little feat of its own.

In the hands of professional racer Shea Holbrook, the Taycan accelerated from 0 to 145 km/h to 0 in just 10.7 seconds; on the USS Hornet aircraft carrier!

Despite the uneven deck surface, the Taycan accelerated to 145 km/h in just 128 metres with its launch control systems before braking hard and coming to a stop with only 30 metres left of the flight deck.

The Taycan, which premiers later on today, has been making headlines recently with a new Nurburgring record as the fastest all-electric four-door vehicle.

On a separate occasion, it also covered a total of 3,425 km at speeds between 195 km/h to 215 km/h continuously in ambient temperatures of 42 degress Celcius on the Nardo high-speed test track in Italy.

The Taycan, which is an absolute screen fest on the inside, has been confirmed for the Malaysian market and is said to arrive next year. So far, Porsche has already accumulated over 30,000 orders globally for the Taycan.



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