Porsche Taycan proves it can withstand the heat, and then some

The teasing will end eventually, but until 4th September comes around (when it is launched), Porsche will do what they can to raise the anticipation and excitement surrounding the all-electric Porsche Taycan – arguably the most important model launch in decades.

This time around, the test team ran a pre-production Taycan for 24 hours straight, covering a distance of 3,425 km on the 12.6 km Nardo high-speed circuit in Italy, at an average speed of between 195 km/h to 215 km/h. Not sure if the Taycan will ever to subjected to such punishing speeds in the real world but it’s good to know that it can.

The test was more trying as it was held at the height of an unusually hot summer in Europe, with ambient temperatures hitting a peak of 42 degrees Celsius while the track registering up to 54 degrees Celsius. According to Porsche, the prototype ran continuously and without any problems, only stopping to top up its batteries via 800-volt quick-charging stations installed specifically for the test.


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