Alpine A110S just got a power bump it didn’t need, 1.8L turbo with 292 hp

The Alpine A110 is a back to basics lightweight, mid-engined, rear-wheel drive two-seater sportscar – the same formula as the original A110 Berlinette that won the 1873 Monte Carlo Rally.

Alpine has upped the ante with the new A110S that sits at the top of the A110 line up. Staying faithful to the ethos of the A110, the A110S gets a power bump in the Renault supplied 1.8-litre four-cylinder turbo petrol engine to 292 hp, 40 hp more than the standard A110 as well as “specific chassis setup” which the company did not break down the details for us.

The A110S has been engineered to deliver precise handling and response as well as improved high-speed stability yet is easy to drive and live with every day.

Unlike Lotuses with its bare metal interior, the Alpine has a minimalistic, yet sophisticated cabin furnished with digital screens, Dinamica upholstery, multifunctional steering wheel and carbon fibre trims.

An Alpine A110S costs €66,500 in France before options and deliveries are set to begin at the end of 2019. We’ve had the opportunity to get up close with a standard A110 at the 2019 Singapore Motor Show.


Alpine A110S


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