“Smashing” his way into the national badminton scene at just 17 years old, Datuk Lee Chong Wei’s career has taken him from a small town in Perak to the global stages of badminton.

Causing a “racquet” in the world of badminton ever since, Datuk LCW “netted” 69 titles throughout his career (46 of which from the defunct Super Series), three World Championship runner-up titles and three Olympic Silver medals.

With such immense success, Datuk Lee Chong Wei “shuttled” to the heights of badminton’s world rankings – holding the World No.1 ranking for a total of 349 weeks – where at one point, he was at the helm for 199 weeks in a row!

However, it wasn’t just his prowess behind the net but his interest in flamboyant supercars that “court” our attention and here’s a few notable ones Datuk Lee Chong Wei has reportedly owned.

Nissan GT-R

Probably talking about the Myvi that tailgated him.

Lamborghini Gallardo

Lee Chong Wei + Lamborghini Gallardo = Halted Economy

Ferrari F430

Nothing screams “Saya sudah berjaya” more than a Ferrari. Ask your disappointed father.

Lamborghini Aventador

Remember that legendary convoy on his wedding?

Bentley Continental GT

Usually, the number plate (from the GT-R) follows the owner, especially if they’re Chinese.

His career may have reached “match point” but he has certainly left behind more than a “single” memory for us to cherish.

Thank you, Datuk Lee Chong Wei.

*We do not claim ownership of these pictures and claims made were merely from prior reports of (literally) random blogs and sites. He may or may not have owned them; he may even have more (that we wouldn’t doubt). Any corrections and/or additions to the list are highly welcomed.

Images of Datuk were taken from his official Facebook page.