Michelin Pilot Sport 4 now available for SUVs, coming to Malaysia soon?

Michelin’s highly acclaimed Pilot Sport series has now been expanded further, this time catering to the booming SUV market. The new Michelin Pilot Sport 4 SUV (PS4 SUV) is a dedicated sports tyre adapted for SUVs and not merely a “sporty SUV tyre” as the tyre maker claims.

High-performance SUVs are becoming a common sight and its much higher centre of gravity and heavier weight pose as a new challenge for tyre makers to create a rubber that can withstand much higher and larger centrifugal forces. The PS4 SUV addresses just that using tyre technology taken from Formula E for maximum high-speed control with additional reinforcement to cater to SUVs.

Like the standard PS4 and PS4 S, the PS4 SUV features an asymmetrical tread pattern – the outer part for dry conditions and the inner section for wet conditions. The ultra-reactive thread pattern was inspired from Michelin supplied Formula E racing tyres and are also equipped with ‘Dynamic Response’ technology, a belt with a hybrid reinforcement made of aramid and nylon. All these combined gives the driver optimum contact patch and unparalleled steering precision.

Based on an independent test carried out by the TUV SUD, the PS4 SUV has superior dry and wet braking performance compared to the competition. Michelin’s motto of Safe When Worn is also present here as tested, braking an average 5.2 metres shorter than its competitors when comparing wet braking performance (from 80 km/h to stop) on worn tyres.

Michelin said that the PS4 SUV replaces the Michelin Latitude Sport 3 tyres and the excellent tyre life, comfort and robust characteristics of the Latitude Sport 3 have been carried over to the PS4 SUV. These were achieved using rigid tread blocks and a two-layer high-density casing ply to ensure maximum comfort and low rolling noise.

Michelin’s Premium Touch Technology that adds a velvet finish onto the sidewalls are also present here, giving the tyres an exclusive look as well as acts as rim-protectors from kerbs and pavements.

A total of 53 sizes are available for the Michelin PS4 SUV – 18 of which are new sizes to cater to a wider range of vehicles. Available rim diameter ranges from 17- to 23-inches while selected 18-,19- and 20-inch sizes are available with Michelin’s Zero Pressure run flat technology.


Michelin Pilot Sport 4 SUV Global Debut


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