Ferrari unveils yet another custom one-off project – the P80/C

You might confuse this new P80/C for the Ferrari SP38 we shared last year, due to the “helmet visor-like” front windscreen, but the similarities between these two one-off projects end there.

Working closely with the one-off project’s customer, the objective was to design and develop a car that was inspired by the Ferrari 330 P3/P4 and the Ferrari Dino 206 of the 1960s.

With more than four years spent on the development of the P80/C beginning in 2015, it is the longest build process for any Ferrari one-off to date.

Built purely to be a track car, the P80/C was developed using the Ferrari 488 GT3 platform – with a longer wheelbase over the standard 488 GTB – which offered Ferrari more creative freedom with the car’s design.

As it is solely for track use, designers have been able to discard whatever they felt were unnecessary. The headlights for example, have been completely eliminated, replaced with slits used as air intakes.

The P80/C’s exterior is made entirely from carbon-fibre, which is left bare wherever the parts have a purely technical function, while the main bodywork is painted in a bright red colour called Rosso Vero – a colour chosen by the client himself.



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