Watch this heavily-camouflaged Ferrari pull away in complete silence

Blistering speeds, unapologetic styling and sheer noise – these are some of the famous traits of a Ferrari, a trademark of Maranello’s produce for as long as history has dictated.

What you’re about to see in this video however, is rather eerie. It shows a heavily-camouflaged Ferrari at the Fiorano Circuit, Ferrari’s very own test track but here’s the creepy part; it accelerated from standstill in complete silence.

The 488 in the video is likely a mule for Ferrari’s new hybrid powertrain and the video suggests that it can run purely on electric. It’s said that Ferrari would have to meet stricter emission regulations once its annual production volume exceeds 10,000 units – a mark Ferrari will surely exceed once its long-awaited SUV arrives.

The LaFerrari launched in 2013 was Ferrari’s first production hybrid but its charge is more supplementary than primary. Based on the video, it seems like the new hybrid powertrain will feature higher capacity batteries for a decent electric range.


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