We want die-cast models of this one-of-a-kind Ferrari SP38 right now

Ferrari One Off SP38

It’s a Ferrari none of us will likely ever own – likely even see for that matter. It’s the latest offspring from Ferrari’s One-Off programme and was unveiled in Fiorano, home of Ferrari, for a handover to one of Ferrari’s most dedicated customers.

The SP38 is based on the chassis, engine and drivetrain of the 488 GTB and was tailored to the very specific requirements of a client with a “deep passion for racing”. If you ask me, that’s not the only thing he has that’s deep.It’s claimed that Ferrari builds no more than three of these “one-off models” and some quarters have reported that they’re sold out till 2021.

The all-new bodywork is layered with three coats of metallic red paint, where the twin-turbo twin intercooler setup it inherited from the 488 GTB led designers to draw inspiration from the legendary F40 for the primary direction of the project. The air scoops you’d normally find on the side of the 488 GTB has been concealed without compromising air flow to the intercoolers positioned at the base of the side window.At the back, the glass engine cover is replaced with a carbon-fibre piece – with slats, three on each side – to reminisce the rear end of the F40. While paying homage to one of the greatest horses out of Ferrari’s stable, the slats are also meant to evacuate engine heat while the smooth integration of a substantial rear spoiler is a hint at the famous rear wing of the F40.


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