Subaru Corporation (Subaru) has announced a recall involving the Forester (from 2014-2016), 4-door WRX (2011-2014), Impreza (2008-2016) and Subaru XV (2012-2017).

In Subaru’s words, “silicone gas” from certain consumer products may seep through the housing of the brake light switch – potentially causing functions related to it such as the Brake Light, Transmission Interlock, Ignition Interlock, Vehicle Dynamics Control and EyeSight system to fail.

If this happens, the brake lights may not come on and may cause other road
users to be unaware of the car slowing down. This could increase the risk of accidental collisions.

Motor Image says the recall involves customers from Malaysia, Hong Kong, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam, those affected will be duly notified.

Replacement of the affected brake light switch and other related parts, will be free of charge.

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