This yet-to-be named Ginetta supercar comes with 675-litres of boot space!

Private-owned British sports and race car builder Ginetta has just revealed its new supercar, designed and built from scratch in-house in the UK, with LMP3 race car levels of aerodynamics.

Weighing just 1,150 kg, from the use of a carbon fibre monocoque and body, the yet-to-be named supercar is home to a naturally-aspirated V8.

The engine with 600 hp and 700 Nm is mounted so far back, it’s literally under the front windscreen instead of resting on the front axle (usually).

Power is delivered through a 6-speed sequential and a carbon fibre propeller shaft.

Behind those 19-inch (front) and 20-inch (rear) in-house designed wheels with centre locks, are carbon ceramic brakes while road-holding is tasked on a race-derived push-rod suspension setup.

The Ginetta’s cabin is laced with Alcantara, carbon fibre and brushed aluminium, along with modern creature comforts like reverse camera display, parking sensors, air-conditioning, heated windshield and wireless charging.

What’s more interesting is that it even comes with a 675-litre boot capacity! But it’s no mommy-mobile, the cabin features a LMP1-inspired carbon fibre steering wheel with billet aluminium paddle shifters and a fully adjustable floor-mounted pedal box.

The coolest of all, has to be the driver and passenger seats moulded into the car’s carbon tub.

Like ordering a tailored suit, owners will have to go through a seat fitting session to ensure that each car is catered to that specific owner.

Production will be limited to just 20 units in the first production year of 2020, with 60% of this allocation already sold before the car was revealed.



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