Currently undergoing testing on Australian roads to put its suspension and vehicle dynamics through the paces, Toyota is whetting our appetites with a short teaser video of the all-new Toyota Supra’s soundtrack.

Sharing it’s underpinnings such as the engine and transmission with the new BMW Z4, the Toyota Supra will be tested on sweeping country roads, twisty mountain climbs and the Great Ocean Road, widely considered as on of the world’s great drives.

Chief engineer of the Supra, Tetsuya Tada, who sees Australia has the ideal proving ground for the new Supra was also on-site to oversee the development of the car.

They’re supported by Toyota Australia’s Vehicle Engineering and Development (VED) team, widely regarded to be among the best in the world for suspension tuning and dynamic evaluation.

“Australia offers surfaces that replicated 80% of the world’s roads, including some of the toughest that would be experienced by customers anywhere. I wanted to involve Australia right towards the end of our development program,” he said.

“Working on the aspects of handling and other details here in Australia allows us to make refinements that will result in a better car right up until production starts in the first part of next year,” he added.

The Supra will be tested in the aspects of driveability, ride, handling, stability, brakes, seat comfort and insulation from noise, vibration and harshness both on tarmac and gravel.


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Pan Eu Jin
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