Video: Checking out Audi’s e-tron electric concepts in Singapore! – AutoVlog

So I was sent down to Singapore recently to witness the dramatic showcase of Audi’s new range of cars and electric concepts at the Audi Brand Experience in Marina Bay Sands, but not without some drama of my own – I missed my flight!

After catching the next flight down south, upon paying a hefty fee for missing my initial flight, I was sent straight into an interview with Audi Singapore’s Managing Director, Jeff Mannering to speak about all things Audi and the future of Audi Malaysia.

In case you’re not aware, Audi Malaysia is now steered by Audi Singapore and the head honchos down south have imminent plans to restore the brand’s local reputation among Audi enthusiasts/owners and prestige to its former glory.

Check out the video and find out what Audi Singapore, vaguely, has in store for the brand’s local presence in the future.


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