Official parts for R33 & R34 Skyline GT-R added to NISMO Heritage programme

If you own a Nissan Skyline GT-R from the 90s, I am incredibly jealous of you. But more than jealousy, I applaud those who managed to keep these 90s icons in running condition because finding parts for a 20-odd-year-old sportscar can be a nightmare.

In the spirit of helping these owners to keep their prized GT-R on the road for many more years to come, Nissan’s official motorsports arm has introduced the NISMO Heritage programme in 2017 to re-manufacture and resupplying official parts for the Nissan R32 Skyline GT-R. Now, the company has added the R33 and R34 generation GT-Rs to the programme.

A total of 62 items ranging from hoses, piston seals to exterior trims of the R33 and R34 G-TRs are available for purchase on the NISMO website. NISMO has also extended the range of new parts for the R32 GT-R.

NISMO is going out of their way to keep these 90s legends on the road for many more years to come, allowing future generations to appreciate Skyline GT-Rs maintained with genuine accessories.


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