Gallery: Does the new Toyota Corolla have the looks to excite?

Looks are subjective. Just like wine, coffee, even durian, not everyone is able to articulate their properties, but anyone can tell if they’ve tasted the good (or bad).

At its world premiere at the Guangzhou Motorshow, Toyota decided to reveal only the exterior of the 12th-generation Corolla while keeping the cars locked and their windows blacked out. Maybe the cabins weren’t ready (unlikely since the hatchback version has been out for a bit now), or maybe Toyota wanted the audience to focus fully on its external styling.

All-new Corolla sits low and has an aggressive stance; these are ‘only’ 17-inch alloys.

How the new Corolla is going to be received will depend heavily on whether potential customers find them attractive. On the evidence of the two units shown; both hybrids – one being the China-specific Levin model and the other the presumably ‘regular’ Corolla or Altis to some of you – there are reasons to be optimistic, but in a guarded kind of way.

Striking colour aside, the Levin’s black honeycomb grille and sharp front end looks menacing.

One thing is for sure, the new Corolla is more aggressive- and athletic-looking with its low, wide stance, bold front grille and headlamp designs.

The Levin carries more performance undertones than the straighter-laced Corolla particularly in its front grille, bumper and headlamps, but isn’t as neatly-chiseled as the latter at the back.

Given the choice, we would like to pick some elements from the Levin (mainly its front) and apply them to the Corolla, and vice versa.

But ‘regular’ Corolla has a more defined rear end and nicer graphics on the tail-lamps.

If you are wondering, there are two versions of the Corolla in China as Toyota has two partners in China – First Automotive Works (FAW) and Guangzhou Automotive Company (GAC).

In facilitating the sale of the same product by two different brands in the world’s largest automotive market, Toyota created different versions of the Corolla by tweaking its design.

Tell us which you prefer from these pictures we snapped during the Corolla’s world premiere, and whether the new Corolla has what it takes to excite customers to choose sedans once more.


All-new Toyota Corolla Hybrid World Premiere in China

Toyota Corolla Levin Hybrid World Premiere in China


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