Video: How to Survive Thai “highways” – AutoVlog

I’m pretty sure that if you’re reading this, you’re probably well aware that the second edition of the annual Evo Enduro has just concluded after a five day, 2,500km round trip from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia all the way to Hua Hin, Thailand.

While there were a few brave souls who completed the entire KL to Hua Hin drive (approx. 1,200km one way) in just one day, our first day ended in Hat Yai before another 700km drive to Hua Hin the next day.

The drive to Hua Hin, albeit on smooth, two-lane “highways” which were far more scenic than the “kelapa sawit” surroundings of our North-South Expressway, took nearly 10 hours. It was also when I realised Thai drivers weren’t very different from Malaysian drivers.

Find out what other shenanigans we got up to, throughout this unforgettable trip of a lifetime and what you should look out for if you’re ever thinking of going on such a drive. Maybe it could even tempt you to join next year’s edition as well!


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