Gallery: G30 BMW 530e Sport PHEV – more value than the 530i?

I got to spend substantial time in the said vehicle awhile back while filming a full review video for it and couldn’t help pondering; is the 530e Sport PHEV just as good as the CKD 530i – to drive and to live with?

Sure it’s cheaper and doesn’t look too different from the latter but it weighs around 100 kg more than the 530i and features less equipment.

It’s quite a bit of a dilemma really, and with the Mercedes-Benz E350e now replaced by the E300 AMG Line, the 530e Sport PHEV is pretty much the only compelling option in the luxury sedan segment for the “environmentally-conscious” – unless you don’t mind paying approx. another RM40k for the over-equipped Volvo S90 T8 Inscription – the most complete sedan out there, in my books.

Check out the video and if you have counterpoints to my personal perspectives, I’d definitely welcome your opinions in the comment section. Oh, and since I took a tonne of pictures of the 530e Sport PHEV, I figured you guys might want to have a second (and closer) look at it.



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