With more than 120,000 Nissan vehicles worldwide already fitted with ProPILOT, the system is now set to expand to additional models, including the Nissan Rogue Sport in the U.S. and the Qashqai in Canada, beginning late 2018.

As seen described in this demonstration, ProPILOT is a hands-on driver-assist system that helps drivers stay centered in their lane, navigate through stop-and-go traffic and maintain a set vehicle speed and distance from the vehicle in front.So far, it’s yet to be introduced in Malaysia and was also absent in the latest Nissan introduced in Malaysia, the S-Hybrid Serena launched just yesterday.

It also remains to be seen if, the Nissan LEAF, expected to arrive in Malaysia this year will come with the semi-autonomous driving system.

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The ProPilot system was originally introduced in 2016 in the JDM-specific Serena MPV and has since been extended to the all-new LEAF, the Qashqai in Europe, the facelifted X-Trail in the UK and more recently, Nissan also announced that the all-new 2019 Nissan Altima will feature the system.

Additional vehicles will adopt the technology in coming years, with Nissan planning to expand to 20 models and 20 markets by the end of 2022.