Perodua committed to continue supplying parts for previous Myvi models

Perodua has pledged to continue the supply of replacement parts for the previous-generation Myvi by opening a new parts production line dedicated to the cause.

With over a million of them running around the country, without a hint of them being retired soon, the new production line will be manufacturing parts like the hood, doors, fenders, quarter panels and roofs – operated by IQM Sdn Bhd, a vendor for Perodua since 2002, at Proton City, Tanjung Malim.

Most first-generation Perodua Myvis, dating back to 2006, are still running strong to this day.

Aside from the second-generation Myvi (519,000 produced from May 2011 to Oct 2017) and the Viva, original parts for the first-generation Myvi, the Kelisa and even the Kancil are still being produced to this day.

“We elected to outsource parts production for the second-generation Myvi because our manufacturing plants are already at peak capacity. Being already a manufacturer of Viva parts since production of the model ended in 2014, IQM was a natural choice for this project,” said Perodua Auto Corporation Sdn. Bhd., President Mr Takahashi Masanori.


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