In just several months since the new Nissan LEAF went on sale, Nissan has confirmed that it has received more than 20,000 orders across Europe.

Statistics have shown that one unit of the new Nissan LEAF was sold every 12 minutes, making it the fastest-selling electric vehicle in Europe. More than 300,000 Nissan LEAFs have been sold since 2010 – making it the world’s best-selling zero-emissions electric vehicle.

The Nissan LEAF Autech – one that focuses on premium craftsmanship.

The all-new Nissan LEAF which made its debut at last year’s Frankfurt Motor Show has been so well-received that Nissan UK had to launch an online digital reservation system just to make ordering the LEAF a simpler process.

Recently, Nissan also revealed the cost to replace/rejuvenate the LEAF’s battery packs where owners of the first-generation LEAF will get to exchange their old batteries for refabricated ones, starting this May in Japan, for a fee of RM 11,000; new battery packs will cost RM 23,700.
Edaran Tan Chong Motor had also confirmed that the all-new LEAF, packing 147 hp and 320Nm with 378 km of driving range, would make its way to Malaysia this year. Stay tuned!