It’s been observed that the Hyundai IONIQ Electric is the cheapest car to own across Europe, out of 66,000 vehicles studied by independent website Sust-It, to help car buyers get the best product for their budget.

The IONIQ Electric, which has a battery range of 280 kilometres, was found to cost 0.02 Euro (9 cents) per kilometre to run, or 385.49 Euro (RM 1,836) over one year. Sust-it calculated the running cost of all 66,000 vehicles from the amount of energy they use and CO2 they produce over 19,000 kilometres – the average distance a person will drive every year.

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For electric vehicles like the IONIQ Electric, carbon dioxide emissions produced to generate the electricity used during recharging was also taken into account. A major reason why the IONIQ Electric is so energy efficient lies in its design – minimising  air resistance and emissions.

Its exterior panels are designed to flex to boost aerodynamics further, producing a class-leading drag coefficient value of just 0.24. Its diffuser and rear spoiler generates downforce for better stability at higher speeds, whilst simultaneously minimising the effect of drag.The gentle slope of the roofline merges seamlessly into the rear spoiler, while slim contoured door mirrors help airflow and minimise wind noise, creating a shape that is both sporty and aerodynamically efficient.

Hyundai Motor is the first automotive manufacturer to offer an electric, a hybrid and a plug-in hybrid powertrain in one single body type. It has sold more than 28,000 units across Europe since late 2016.

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Pan Eu Jin
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