Hyundai Le Fil Rouge flaunts design language of next-gen sedans & SUVs

Hyundai unveiled a brand-new concept at the 2018 Geneva International Motor Show (GIMS). Officially named “Le Fil Rouge”, the concept car serves as a preview of Hyundai’s next-generation design theme – “Sensuous Sportiness” which will trickle down to all future Hyundai vehicles ranging from sedans to SUVs.

“Le Fil Rouge” loosely translated to common thread in English, reflects the Korean carmaker’s belief that all its design – past, present and future are linked with one another. Drawing inspiration from the 1974 Hyundai Coupe Concept, the “Le Fil Rouge” aims to create emotional value and desirability in Hyundai vehicles.

The proportions of the concept car is based on the Golden-Ratio – a mathematical formula that is commonly associated with aesthetically pleasing objects. This resulted in a car with long wheelbase and short overhangs. This Golden-Ratio proportion is then combined with what Hyundai calls “Light Architecture” – seamless panels and body lines blended into the silhouette as though as the car is continuously moving forward. Lastly, Hyundai’s Cascading Grille is further enhanced with 3D effect to make it instantly recognisable as a Hyundai from afar.

Vice President and Head of Hyundai Styling, Sang-yup Lee commented: “Our goal is to build a beloved brand by creating vehicles with heightened emotional value to reshape the landscape of car design. This is the foundation of our concept.”

Inside, the designers took the approach of “Tube Architecture”, carrying the car’s sensuous exterior and sporty character into the cabin. The design goal is drastically different for the driver and passenger. A comfortable bench with ample leg room was prioritised for the rear passengers while the driver seat was conceptualised to create an engaging but ergonomic cockpit.

While Hyundai promised that the “Le Fil Rouge” concept’s design will make its way to future models, it remains to be seen whether Genesis, Hyundai’s luxury sub-brand, or Hyundai Cars will be the early recipient of the design language.



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