According to a new eye-tracking research conducted by Peugeot, drivers take their eyes off the road for over 3 kilometres in a one hour journey at 48 km/h through urban traffic.

Peugeot studied multiple drivers wearing special glasses, that specifically maps where the retina is looking every 0.05 seconds, to analyse exactly where their eyes looked whilst driving a selection of compact SUV models.

Peugeot conducted the study to highlight its innovative i-Cockpit system which consists of a smaller steering wheel and a raised instrument panel to promote less eye movement during driving.

In the Peugeot 3008, where 278,000 units have been sold since 2016, the driver’s concentration on the road improved from 93% to 95%. This is due to the speedometer being positioned in the line of sight of the driver, which also meant that drivers in the 3008 were able to check their speed three times more often than in other SUVs.