Aston Martin, the British supercar maker is seeking for a strategic partner in China to break into the world’s largest electric vehicle (EV) market. Talks are underway with Chinese automakers and start-ups to establish a joint venture according to Automotive News.

The Chinese Government requires foreign automakers to form joint ventures with Chinese companies to be able to sell vehicles locally. Aston Martin has expressed that by 2030, EVs will account for 25 percent of its sales, hence penetrating the Chinese market will be essential for achieving this target.

President and CEO of Aston Martin, Dr Andy Palmer said that the firm does not have plans to manufacture the Aston Martin vehicles in China just yet but are ready to collaborate and share its lightweight and aerodynamic technologies with the Chinese partner.

The first EV to be conceived under Gaydon’s Second Century Plan will be the limited run four-door RapidE, spelt with a capital E for Electric. The four-door all-electric sports car will spearhead the brand’s development of low and zero-emission vehicles and is set to go into production in 2019.