Bentley Continental GT3 race car, sheds 1 tonne of weight & gets crazy aero!

Bentley Motorsport has unveiled its latest-generation Continental GT3 racecar for its upcoming 2018 motorsport season. Based on the third-generation Continental GT road car that made its global debut recently, the new GT3 racecar aims to take home the Blancpain GT Series Endurance Cup titles.

Tipping the scale at just under 1,300 kg, the second-generation racecar sheds almost one tonne of weight from the road car (third-gen Bentley Continental GT: 2,244 kg). Thanks to its aluminium body structure, Bentley Motorsport has done away with every feature possible that adds unnecessary mass to the car’s overall weight. A new exterior design with carbon fibre front splitter, rear wing and body panels gives the racecar improved downforce for maximum attack on track.

Bentley Motorsport left no stone unturned with the new car as every component and systems have been reworked for improved performance. The 4.0-litre twin-turbo V8 lump now gets a redesigned dry sump as well as new intake and exhaust system for improved durability and performance on track. Power is now rated at 557 hp, sent to the rear axles via a six-speed sequential gearbox. It also gets new suspension and braking systems for the new racing season.

The Bentley Continental GT3 racecar has started its six-month test programme in UK, France and Portugal before making its official debut in the next racing calendar. Upcoming tests include full 24-hour endurance race simulations.



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