Volvo V90 Cross Country is Scottish Estate Car of the Year

It’s all smiles at Volvo as they snag the Estate Car of the Year 2017 at the Scottish COTY (Car of the Year) 2017 with the V90 Cross Country. A back-to-back win for the Swedish carmaker as they bagged the same title last year with the V90.

Essentially a jacked up V90 Estate, the V90 Cross Country gets all the technologies and safety features of the standard car with the added benefit a rugged appearance and additional ground clearance – turning it into the perfect all-road, all-season estate.

President of the Association of Scottish Motoring Writers, Stephen Park, commented: “There’s no doubting the usefulness of an estate car, especially when today’s breed deliver practicality without any sacrifice in refinement. But in terms of breadth of ability, one car stands apart. Perfectly suited to Scottish terrain, our winner is a new version of a previous favourite.”

Besides the increased ground clearance and tough looks, the V90 Cross Country gets unique suspension settings and tyres for greater off-road capabilities without sacrificing comfort its 90-series siblings are known for. The standard fitment of Volvo’s Pilot Assist semi-autonomous drive technology also makes it one of the safest estate on the road.

Managing Director of Volvo Car UK, Jon Wakefield said: “This repeat success at the Scottish Car of the Year Awards is a testament to the wide-ranging appeal and ability of the V90. The Cross Country version is already proving a hit with our customers, and this award only goes to show how well received it has been by the motoring media, too.”

Locally, you can purchase a Volvo V90 T5 and T6 R-Design from Volvo Car Malaysia (VCM), however, VCM only has very limited units available.



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