Lamborghini reveals the Terzo Millennio concept

Automobili Lamborghini has revealed an all-electric, in-wheel motor powered, the Terzo Millennio concept. The Terzo Millennio which stands for “third millennium” will be constructed with cutting-edge materials and will represent Lamborghini’s future design language.

The new concept will be developed to recover kinetic energy and plans are to develop an innovative supercapacitor able to match conventional batteries in terms of energy density to deliver ultra high performance as today’s batteries are deemed “not powerful enough”.

Lamborghini will also be looking to improve the nanomaterial technology which uses the structural components of the car to double up as the car’s battery pack. Most of the Terzo Millennio will be made of carbon fibre, where it would be able to continuously self-monitor its entire body to detect for cracks and damages after an accident.

Lamborghini has had their hands tied lately but the introduction of this new concept clearly indicates the powertrain direction most supercar manufacturers will eventually have to opt for. With the Urus SUV due for launch, Lamborghini had also expressed intentions to build a 4-door sedan and in recent news, it has also been confirmed that by 2022, the Huracan’s replacement will be a plug-in hybrid.



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