BMW 6 Series GT wins EuroCar Body Award 2017 – coming to Malaysia soon!

Say whatever you want about the looks of the BMW 6 Series Gran Turismo but there is one aspect of its design you can’t argue against – innovative functionality. The BMW 6 Series GT was just crowned the winner of the 2017 EuroCar Body Award, after the i8 in 2014 and G12 7 Series in 2015.

Voted by automobile construction experts from all over the world, the jury decided that the 6 Series GT’s body construction, efficient development and customer benefits provided by the body makes it a clear winner of the prestigious award. The “Gran Turismo” concept was first initiated by the 5 Series GT, which combined the comfort of a luxury sedan, aesthetic appeal of a coupe and unprecedented practicality in a single package.

The 6 Series GT perfected the design concept by reducing overall weight by 150 kg, stronger structure and improved aerodynamic properties. The jury members were particularly impressed by the design solutions implemented by BMW for the rear end by creating a large single-section tailgate for convenient rear opening with maximum view as well as increasing luggage compartment volume to 610 litres; 110 litres more compared to its predecessor.

The BMW 6 Series Gran Turismo sets a new benchmark for body design, outshining its rivals in development, construction, production efficiency and customer benefits while satisfying the most rigorous crash safety requirements. If you are just as intrigued by its design as 550 other body experts, have your chequebooks ready because the 6 Series GT is coming to Malaysia real soon!




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