BMW 6 Series GT confirmed for Malaysia, to replace the 5 Series GT

Following the confirmation of the G01 BMW X3 that is slated for Malaysian shores in the first half of 2018, BMW Malaysia has also hinted to that the G32 BMW 6 Series GT will be here to replace the outgoing 5 Series GT.

Sources familiar with the matter has expressed that the 6 Series GT is scheduled to make its local debut sometime in the first half of 2018 but not simultaneously with the all-new X3. Globally, the 6 Series GT is available in three flavours: 630i, 640i and 630d. If we were to take a guess the 630i is the most plausible variant, considering the G30 5 Series is offered in a sole 530i M Sport variant here in Malaysia, but don’t count on BMW Malaysia to locally assemble the 6 Series GT.

Thanks to its swelled dimensions (81 mm longer), new technologies and better sound proofing, the new 6 Series GT is lighter by some 150 kg (variant dependant), more spacious and more refined compared to its predecessor, the 5 Series GT. The cabin looks eerily similar to the G30 5 Series but BMW promises more generous of premium materials.

As standard, every 6 Series GT will be equipped with Collision and Pedestrian Warning with City Collision Mitigation, whereas Active Cruise Control with Stop & Go function can be specified as an option. The latter works at speeds up to 210 km/h, and there’s also Lane Departure and Lane Change Warning systems, as well as Remote Control Parking feature.

BMW created its GT model line up to fill in a very niche market gap of individuals who are looking for a spacious SUV-like vehicle with driving dynamics of a sedan but, thinks the design of an estate is way too unpolished for their taste. We still have mixed feelings about BMWs GT line up but hey, to each his own eh?



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