2016 BMW G12 7-Series launched in Malaysia, priced from RM699k

Mercedes-Benz, this one is out to get you. The all-new sixth-generation BMW 7-Series unveiled in June 2015 has finally landed in Malaysia, and it’s available in two trims – a 2.0-litre (yes, that wasn’t a typo) 730Li and a 3.0-litre 740Li.

It’s kitted to the brim, complete with BMW’s latest suite of technologies and finest choice of materials. To kick things off, let’s begin with the key fob. Dubbed the BMW Display Key, it’s the world’s first (in the luxury segment) key fob that displays various data such as fuel level, distance to empty, central locking system, windows and glass roof, service prompts, time of day and activate air conditioning/ventilation system within the vehicle – ALL done remotely!2016 BMW G11 7-Series Malaysian Launch - AutoBuzz.my


NameBMW 7-Series 730LiBMW 7-Series 740Li
Engine1,998cc; inline-4 cylinder turbo2,988cc; inline-6 cylinder turbo

8-speed ZF automatic with Steptronic

Max Power258 hp @ 5,000 – 6,500 rpm326 hp @ 5,500 – 6,500 rpm
Max Torque400 Nm @ 1,550 – 4,400 rpm450 Nm @ 1,380 – 5,000 rpm
0 – 100 km/h; Top Speed250 km/h; 6.3 seconds250 km/h; 5.6 seconds

In putting that aside, the new 7-Series (codename G11/12) is stretched by 19mm in overall length (now 5,238mm long), effectively making it the largest-series produced car BMW has ever built in its history. The width, height and wheelbase remain largely the same, although the existing chassis has been completely replaced by a new Carbon Core tub, just like the BMW i8. That said, although the 7-Series’ chassis is built almost out of carbon-fibre reinforced plastic (CFRP; a class-first), the use of aluminium, high-strength steel and magnesium have all been incorporated to give the G12 its core BMW DNA.


From the front, both the 730Li and 740Li get full LED headlamps, but the higher-specced limo gets BMW Laser headlights as standard, identifiable by a central blue-tinted horizontal bar. The laser headlights can fire its beam up to 600 metres in high-beam mode, nearly twice the range of modern LED headlights. Another active feature at the front is the kidney grille which can shut and open to either improve aerodynamics or supply cool air when required.2016 BMW G11 7-Series Malaysian Launch - AutoBuzz.my

As for the wheels, both variants sit on 19-inch wheels as standard. The only thing different between the two is design, while the front wheels get shod with 245/45 series and the rear, 275/40 series tyres. The rear portion of this brand new limo is a sight to behold, and makes the already handsome fifth-generation model look dated. A long piece of chrome trim runs the length of the car’s rump, further complemented by the LED tail lamps and squared off by the dual exhausts.


Now, the G12’s interior is nothing short of luxurious, and is home to an array of even more impressive bells and whistles. Features offered as standard on both cars are the high-resolution digital instrument cluster, and in the centre dash rests a 10.25-inch anti-dazzle touchscreen display which can also be operated by the standard iDrive controls. For the first time in a BMW vehicle, there is a 3D infrared camera built into the dashboard which picks up gesture controls. We’re not kidding. By simply waving your hands or twirling your fingers, you can change audio volume or answer and refuse phone calls.2016 BMW G11 7-Series Malaysian Launch - AutoBuzz.my

During the entire process of stepping into the car, you can enjoy the class-first Welcome Carpet Light that illuminates the ground so you know you won’t step on gunk that will stain the carpet of your car. It has six different colours, all of which are dimmable and can be operated via the iDrive system. As for the seats themselves (they’re really, really plush), three leather colour options can be selected – Black, Beige and Cognac.

If you’re seated at the back, you’ll have full access to the car’s entertainment system via a huge tablet built to the back of the front-seat head restraint. Controls are operated through an ejectable 7-inch Samsung-made tablet housed within the rear armrest/centre console. There’s a four-zone air conditioning system fitted as standard, with air vents built into the lower side of the B-pillars.2016 BMW G11 7-Series Malaysian Launch - AutoBuzz.my

One more thing – the dual-pane panoramic sunroof (retractable also via the controls in the rear bench) called the Sky Lounge comes with LED-based lighting system made of 15,000 lighting elements built into the pano glass itself. So, during the day the cabin will be filled with daylight, and at night you’ll be treated to a fancy lighting system.


Two engines come with the Malaysian 7-Series, one being a turbocharged 2.0-litre four-cylinder lump and the other is an inline-six 3.0-litre engine, also turbocharged with BMW TwinPower Technology. The smaller engine isn’t quite shabby though, making 258 hp and 400 Nm of torque, allowing it to sprint from standstill to 100 km/h in a respectable 6.3 seconds.2016 BMW G11 7-Series Malaysian Launch - AutoBuzz.my

Opt for the 740Li and a 326 hp/450 Nm straight-sixer will gladly do any chauffeur duties. It shares the same eight-speed automatic gearbox as the 730Li that powers the rear wheels, but here it manages the century sprint in 5.6 seconds. Both variants, if floored, can reach a top speed of 250 km/h. The 730Li sips about 5.8 litres of fuel per 100km travelled, and the 740Li covers the same length of tarmac with 6.6 litres of petrol.


On the safety side of things, the 7-Series gets BMW Driving Assistant Plus that comes with steering and directional control assistant, Lane Departure Warning Assistant with active side collision protection (functions by continuously detecting vehicles in neighbouring lanes), rear collision prevention and cross-traffic warning built at the front. The good news is, all these safety systems work at speeds up to 210 km/h.

Just like the F48 X1 and F30 LCI, the G12 7-Series comes with the latest BMW ConnectedDrive with Intelligent Emergency Call that can automatically call for help in the event of an accident. The BMW Call Centre will act as the “personal assistant” on the road, and through Remote Services, you can transform your smartphone into a remote control for the vehicle via BMW’s MY Remote app.


The BMW G12 7-Series is fully imported and pricing starts from RM699k for the 730Li and RM889k for the 740Li. But here’s the good news. Because BMW is turning 100 this year, both variants will be offered at a celebratory price at RM100k less, meaning the 730Li will go for RM599k and the 740Li at RM789k (both without insurance). Talk about value, eh?2016 BMW G11 7-Series Malaysian Launch - AutoBuzz.my

Five exterior colours are offered as standard, but each variant benefits from its own exclusive colour. The 730Li can be finished in Imperial Blue and the 740Li in Jatoba, a brown shade. Every purchase of the 7-Series comes with a 5-year unlimited mileage warranty package, including BMW’s Free Scheduled Service Program and BMW Tyre Warranty Program.



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