This new Toyota provides every passenger with their own touchscreen display

Toyota Motor Corporation (Toyota) has launched the “Fine-Comfort Ride,” a fuel cell vehicle (FCV) they hope can set the tone for transportation in a low carbon society.

With hydrogen as it energy source to produce electric, it does not emit any carbon dioxide (CO2), comes with a generous cruising range and takes only three minutes for a full hydrogen refill.

Power is delivered through an in-wheel motor which is positioned at the very corner of the vehicle. Together with an underside cover, the Fine-Comfort Ride achieves the stability and quietness of a premium saloon.

On the outside, while it may have wider front and middle section dimensions, its diamond-shaped cabin narrows towards the rear – maximising space for the second row seats and enhancing aerodynamic performance.

Inside the 6-seater, in adopting the “wearing comfort” concept, the Fine-Comfort Ride’s seats allow for flexible layouts and individual seat adjustments according to posture. The its windows on both sides also operate as touch screen displays for both driver and passengers for various accessibility.

It is said that the Fine-Comfort Ride is estimated to achieve a cruising range of approximately 1,000 km!



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