Lotus looks set to tap the crossover market, with productions outside of UK

As you have already learnt, the deal between DRB-Hicom and Geely saw the Chinese firm takeover a sizable chunk of Proton along with a majority stake in Lotus.

This was subsequent followed with applause when Geely pledged to fully realise the potential and brand appeal of Lotus car. That vision had now extended beyond just building a new generation of Lotus sportscars where production is set to remain in Norfolk, UK but also with the inclusion of a Lotus crossover.

For now, one can only imagine what the silhouette of a Lotus crossover could look like.

Those who’ve been keen followers of the Lotus brand can now start drooling in anticipation. Lotus looks set to plug the gaps and tap the niche within the ever-growing, lucrative SUV market, with the confidence that there is room for a light and aerodynamic crossover with handling competence.

With an impending approval from the Geely board on future plans which will be presented by Lotus CEO, Jean-Marc Gales, what seems firm at least for now is that production of other Lotus models could take place elsewhere.

Come 2021, Gales is expected to reveal a whole new set of next-generation Lotus sportscars which will include the introduction of a new Elise, Exige and Evora.

*Image is for illustration purposes only.

Cover Photo Credit: Midlands Lotus Owners Club


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