McLaren Automotive team up with toy makers for a very special kind of sports car

McLaren Automotive has teamed up with Step2, an established American toy manufacturer, to create a unique model tailored to appeal to a small and young but very important (and demanding) demographic.

The result? A McLaren 570S Step2 Push Sports Car. It comes with a storage area at the “undercarriage” and also provided are “cupholders” for the baby bottles and your very own morning coffee.

Step2 shares many values with McLaren Automotive; while McLaren has been recognised as a pioneer in carbon fibre technology, something it has applied to its cars since 1981, Step2 has gained the recognition of pioneering the push car.

The idea behind the 570S Push Sports Car was to create a fun and visually-appealing item to captivate and exude a sense of fun for the parents, children and even pedestrians alike.

Designers from both ends of the collaboration have worked closely to replicate the essence of the real McLaren 570S to give the car a “smooth ride”, a flat-based steering wheel which offers excellent feedback and electronically-replicated sounds to provide an exhilarating experience for the “mini-racers”. It’s easy to forget that we’re not talking about an actual car here.

The McLaren 570S Push Sports Car will be launched initially in Ventura Orange, similar to the actual 570S and will be exclusively available through US in September before rolling out later this year through leading global retailers and Recommended retail price is USD 79.99 (RM 344).


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