PIECHA produces the hottest AMG GT yet, produces 604 hp & 840 Nm!

German tuning company Piecha has taken the AMG sports coupe and beefed it to match their latest Green Hell Beast, the AMG GT-R. How much tougher you ask? Approximately 604 hp and 840 Nm tougher.

It’s called the PIECHA AMG GT RSR and the model you see here is tuned based on the AMG GT S. The RSR stands for Reinrassig – Sportiv – Richtungsweisend in German. When translated to English, it loosely means Purebred – Sporty – Point the way. According to Piecha, it is an innovation that transcends design; it is a masterpiece with purpose and emotion.

With their €4,998 (approximately RM22,765 based on today’s exchange rate) performance module, the 4.0-litre twin turbo V8 now produces 94 hp and 190 Nm more than the standard GT S. If that is not impressive enough, the GT RSR betters even the more hardcore AMG GT-R’s 585 hp and 700 Nm setup. With 840 Nm on tap, the RSR sprints to 100km/h in just 3.7 seconds0.1 seconds faster than the standard GT S and just a shade slower than the GT-R’s 3.6 seconds.

To keep the rear-wheel drive beast in check, the GT RSR comes with a series of aerodynamic upgrades. The ultra-lightweight body kit serves to improve the car’s overall aerodynamics while maintaining the desirable appeal. The front and sides feature subtle but effective revisions but it is only from the rear that one can tell this is no ordinary AMG GT.2016 Piecha tuned AMG GT S RSR

The rear now features a more aggressively styled rear bumper, quad exhausts and a huge, fixed rear wing. Interestingly, the fixed rear wing can be mounted with the stock active rear spoiler in place. The carbon wing costs €4,284 (approximately RM19500) while the body kit – also made from carbon fibre – costs a hefty €19,040 or approximately the price of a brand new Honda City.

According to Piecha, their GT RSR is capable of a top speed of 330km/h only if the specially developed tyres with Yokohama is used. The tyres are now 275/35ZR19 up front and the rear gets shod with 305/30ZR20 Yokohama Advan Sport V105. The wheels are also fitted with 26mm wheel spacers to fit the new tyres perfectly. There’s no indicative price for the wheels and tyres, however the 20-piece wheel bolts will cost you €90 (approximately RM410).

Besides that, there is also a height adjustable coilover kit that lowers the car from anywhere between 0-25mm at the front and 10-30mm at the rear. Piecha claims it provides a more dynamic driving experience with the AMG GT. The kit costs €1,119 (approximately RM5100).2016 Piecha tuned AMG GT S RSR

In total, the GT RSR kit will cost upwards of €29,531 (approximately RM134,436) on top of the base price of an AMG GT S. What do you think folks? In Malaysia, a brand new AMG GT S will cost around RM1.15 million. For around 12 percent of the price, your RM1.2 million GT S can be more powerful than the Green Beast from Hell (AMG GT-R). Not a bad deal really, but the only problem is that Piecha is based in Germany.



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