Toyota storms SEMA 2015 with 8 meter long, 8-door ‘Tundrasine’ pickup

Over the past couple of days, we’ve gotten a small taste of the the magic taking place at SEMA in Vegas with Mazda’s gorgeous MX-5 concept duo. Toyota North America it seems, wanted to make a sterling impression on this year’s swarm of visitors with the company’s full size pickup truck native to the North American market – the Tundra, but this ain’t no ordinary Tundra.

Toyota must’ve thought it to the whimsical to bring a stretched out Tundra, dubbed the “Tundrasine” which is a shade over 26 feet long (8 meters) and has eight-doors. Sounds like a teenager’s prom-night dream come true, really. Sadly, it’s the only one in existence. Now to give you an idea of how just how big this gargantuan pickup is, you could snugly park a Mercedes-Benz S-Class in the space between its axles – that’s over 20 feet long! Toyota showed SEMA that they really do have a witty sense of humour.

                                                                            Pic credit: Car & Driver

Powering this sense-of-humour that some struggle to call a limousine is a 5.7-litre V8 block producing 381 hp. We’d reckon that amount would be sufficient for the run-of-mill Tundra which doesn’t tip the scales over at 4-tonnes, which this does. Toyota says there aren’t any changes done to its 4×4 system – now that’s a really, really long drive shaft extension.

Toyota didn’t just bring this rather unceremoniously stock (for SEMA atleast) stretch Tundra but also a couple of jacked-up monster trucks for good balance. After all, it is the largest specialty equipment trade show in the world. Ordinary is a word these folks omitted from their vocabulary.


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