Proton sold 129,604 cars so far this year, X50 surpasses 100k-unit threshold

Local carmaker Proton sold 12,772 cars in October 2023, resulting in a total of 129,604 cars sold so far this year. The year-to-date sales figures for Proton saw a 12.3% growth from 2023. Proton’s monthly sales in October saw a 4.4% growth over September.

Proton estimates that its market share is at 20.1% in terms of year-to-date figures as the automotive industry has exceeded 645,000 units sold this year. Proton’s compact SUV, the Proton X50, has also exceeded 100,000 units sold after being in the market for 36 months with 100,210 units sold.

As for Proton’s year-to-date sales in terms of models, the Saga is the brand’s best-selling car with 57,806 units sold. It is followed by the X50 with 26,981 units sold, the Persona with 20,655 units sold, the X70 with 9,705 units sold, the Iriz with 6,633 units sold, the X90 with 3,914 units sold, and the Exora with 3,910 units sold.

Still rivaling the sales figures of the X90, the Exora’s production has ended in October after a production run of 196,583 units. Proton says that despite the Exora’s remains in 2023 saw an 11.5% growth from 2022. Proton says that this proves that the Exora’s combination of practical features and performance remain relevant to many customers.

Proton Edar Chief Executive Officer, Roslan Abdullah said, “Proton has benefited from these market conditions and as our sales have gone up by 12.3% this year, we continue to outpace TIV growth. This is despite some of the recent challenges faced, which were countered by quick and decisive action taken by the company. Heading into the final two months of 2023, we are optimistic of exceeding our targets as we prepare to introduce more new models to position the company for a great start to 2024.”


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