2023 Smart #1 now open for bookings in Malaysia – RM1,000 booking fee, 2 variants

As we approach the fourth quarter of the year, the 2023 Smart #1 will soon be launched in Malaysia. Ahead of the unveiling of its official prices, the Smart #1 can now be booked through the Hello Smart mobile application. Interested customers will have to pay a refundable booking fee of RM1,000.

Through the Hello Smart App, it can be seen that the Smart #1 will be offered in 2 variants – the Premium variant and the Brabus variant. Also listed on the Hello Smart application are the colour options for both variants. All of these can be viewed by tapping the “Order Now” button under the “Vehicle” sub-menu.

The Premium variant of the Smart #1 is listed with 7 exterior colour options and 1 interior colour option. All colours of the Premium variant come with a black-coloured roof. The Brabus variant also comes with 7 exterior colour options, albeit differing from the choices offered for the Premium variant. There is also only 1 interior colour option for the Brabus variant.

Also listed on the Hello Smart mobile app are the basic performance figures of both variants of the Smart #1. The Premium variant is listed with a maximum output of 272 hp/343 Nm and is a rear-wheel drive (RWD) electric vehicle (EV). The Brabus Smart 31 is listed with a maximum output of 428 hp/543 Nm and has a dual-motor setup. Both variants house a 66-kWh capacity battery and this provides 440 km of range for the Premium variant and 400 km of range for the Brabus variant.

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Besides being ordering their vehicles, Smart customers may also view the charger location through the Hello Smart app. The app currently lists chargers provided by other charge operators as well and this should go in line with the company’s collaboration with Gentari, which now has a roaming network with Yinson Green Tech (ChargEV) and JomCharge.

The Hello Smart application went live back in July this year and now it lists the Smart #1 as open for bookings with a RM1,000 refundable booking fee. Smart Malaysia has previewed the Smart #1 to members of the media earlier and the car will be launched in the fourth quarter of the year. Pro-Net is the official distributor for Smart cars in Malaysia.

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